Above: March 2014 at Janet Nohavec's Spiritualist church, The Journey Within, Pompton Lakes, NJ – I was there for a five day advanced medium workshop with Evidential Medium, Tony Stockwell. He is a gracious and very challenging teacher. It is a tough schedule each day, but I was very blessed to be in his class. I am taking the second part of Tony's class at the end of October. I meet a lot of nice friends and gifted mediums. 

Above: October 31, 2013 in full Southern Belle costume, performed psychic medium public demonstrations at Club Label Masquerade Ball uptown Charlotte NC doing live readings in the VIP White Room. Seen her with show assistant, Anjana Bhawnani, in her lovely Indian red sequin gown. Also the salon girl and gentleman were promoting the event and supporting my staging area. The saloon girl got a reading and her animals (dogs, cats, birds and their names) that had past came through to her with love!
Above: Sept. 29-Oct. 4, 2013, Tamara participated in a week long, advanced medium training workshop with 59 other participating worldwide mediums in Rhinebeck, NY at the Omega Institute. (See class photos below. Top photo: Tamara is at the bottom far right.) The conference was taught by author and medium, former nun, Janet Nohavec and teacher at the famous UK, Arthur Findlay College, and International psychic medium, John Holland - www.johnholland.com, author of "Born Knowing", "The Spirit Whisper" and "Psychic Navigator". 
Gallery / Photos:
Above: October 2014, at Janet Nohavec's Spiritualist church, The Journey Within, Pompton Lakes, NJ – for a week I participated in the second part of the advanced mediumship workshop with 50 other medium's from around the world. Our tutor was UK's TV celebrity/author and Evidential Medium, Tony Stockwell - www.tonystockwell.com. We went over various advanced techniques in how to bring in spirit, and did several platform performances.
Above: Saturday, May 2 – Wednesday, May 6, 2015: TONY STOCKWELL'S ADVANCED MEDIUM WORKSHOP - POMPTON LAKES, NJ

I attended International UK medium, author and TV personality’s advanced medium workshop with 64 other professional mediums from around the US, Canada and Australia at The Journey Within in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. We learned how to get the spirit communication link faster and give an evidential message with love in 7-10 minutes, not my normal 20 minutes per person. In public demonstrations, the messages need to be quicker and more concise so you can get around to more people. The goal was to maintain the quality of the reading but in less time. So we had to learn to read spirit energy and messages, way faster!

In our readings with each other, we stopped talking about how a person passed away and talked more about what they are doing now in heaven… yes, they actively do fun things there. There is no money exchange, no counter intention, just love and happiness with each other. And we also brought messages through from loved ones in heaven as they told us what they see their loved ones here on this physical plane doing since their passing… like having kids, new job, etc. 
I also got to witness my first transfiguration from a trance demonstration Tony did for us. It was strange yet so beautiful. We also covered how to handle an audience in public medium demonstrations… from drunks to hecklers, or negative people in general. I feel more confident how to handle any situation now and what is required. We all learned from Tony’s 30 years of experience and enjoyed his personal, very funny and candid stories. 

Tony Stockwell has such a personable, kind approach when training other professional mediums. Tony teaches mediums from all around the world. He is ethical and loves this work of healing from heaven. He pushes his students in a kind, supportive way and really wants us to “crack on” and get this information. He was so funny using his British expressions too. The things that came out of his mouth… we roared! 

I saw other medium friends at the Tony Stockwell workshop this time that I met from the past three Tony workshops. I also met some new, wonderful friends too. I felt this time the gradient to the work we did in class was harder, more advanced, yet definitely pushed my mediumship to a new level. Everyone in the class was at the same level in advanced mediumship. I felt that was important too! We all learned as a group together!

I was able to utilize my new medium skills the next night, Thursday, May 7th at a large charity event that I did to raise awareness and monies for cancer at “Relay for Life” at Four Brothers dinner conference venue with another medium. See pictures above.

May 6, 2015, the last day at Tony Stockwell's medium class, some of the students took photos of each other. We saw one horizontal image on my phone that appeared to be a "mysterious angel wing" and energy coming off of it. We don't know how that was taken. We were taking vertical images of me, Maura and Angela by a white wall. Then we noticed on my phone camera this horizontal image that appears to have detailed feathers and wings. There are tons of angel statues in The Journey Within building and I do feel angel activity when I am there. I just did not know we would get that on film! That was literally a sign from heaven
On May 6, 2015 UK International medium, author and TV celebrity, Tony Stockwell's Advanced Medium Class. Tony is in the middle. I am three, above to the left of Tony. We had 65 professional mediums from the US, Canada and Australia. (See our class photo above.)
Above: Thursday, May 7, 2015 in Mahopac, NY at the Four Brothers restaurant and conference center, I read a woman in the audience, which was the daughter of the famous NY City policeman, “Popeye” Doyle, which Gene Hackman played in the movie, “French Connection”. Her dad came through with personal details, even mentioned his motorcycle, and his whistle he left his daughter, then one I was reading. He also mentioned his favorite TV show was the old, "Dragnet". The daughter, seen with me in the blonde hair below, confirmed that after the show that he loved Dragnet!

Four Brothers restaurant and conference center, Maura and I put on a 2-hour medium demonstration for a non-profit dinner and show, “Relay for Life”, to raise money for cancer. We had over 85 guests join us to receive evidential messages of love from heaven! We got to the venue earlier that day to do a sound check and did the show later that evening from 7:30-9:30pm, then stayed and met some of the people that received readings. Maura and I both got messages for a single whole family, seen in the photos below. 

That night, the messages from Maura and I were prompt, evidential and from the heart! We made sure we hugged everyone after each reading. Maura and I gave about 4 readings each, so about 8 complete readings for the evening. There a few spirit links that no one would take. Then later, after the show, I had a couple of people come up and admit that they knew the people that were trying to come through but would not “speak up” due to shyness. That is why I always say “speak up” at a medium demonstration if you think it is for you, because that’s your chance to speak to YOUR loved one that has crossed over. Other than hiring us for a personal reading, there may not be another time to make that love connection from heaven till it is your time to cross. But just know our loved ones are always a thought away! That love bond is still there and even stronger than ever now they are in heaven.

June 4-7, 2015 at The Afterlife Conference – Norfolk, Virginia I meet some wonderful speakers and new friends. See below:

Dr. Eben Alexander

Photo: At the Afterlife Conference in Norfolk Virginia with Dr. Eban Alexander, neurosurgeon, Near Death Experience (NDE) survivor and author of, “Proof of Heaven”, and “Map of Heaven”. I listened both of his books on his audio version of his books, on the way to Virginia and coming back to Charlotte. Amazing books that are life changing… From doctor/surgeon, skeptic to a proponent and believer in heaven and life eternal.


Dr. Raymood Moody

Photo: At the 2015 Afterlife Conference in Norfolk Virginia with Dr. Raymond Moody, trailblazer of Near Death Experiences and research. Author of Life after life, Glimpses of Eternity, more! I have studied his work for over 30 years. His work has changed my life! 

This year the annual Afterlife Awareness Award to honor was presented to DR. RAYMOND MOODY for his unmatched and unprecedented work as a pioneer in the study of near-death experience. ​Dr. Moody's award was presented by noted neurosurgeon and best-selling author of, “Proof of Heaven”, and “Map of Heaven”, DR. EBEN ALEXANDER. Eben became renowned worldwide for the out-of-body experience that changed his views from strictly scientific -- to deeply spiritual. 

Dr. Raymood Moody’s official site: http://www.lifeafterlife.com/ 

Anita Moorjani

Photo: At the 2015 Afterlife Conference in Norfolk, Virginia - Near Death Experience (NDE) and cancer survivor, Anita Moorjani, and author of her best-selling book, “Dying to Be Me”. She spoke at the conference about crossing over and how much love is there in heaven, and knowing everything about everything, and feeling everyone's emotions. What a precious gift she is to us.


William Buhlman

Photo: William Buhlman, spiritual teacher of out of body experiences at the Monroe Institute, and author of, “Adventures Beyond the Body”, “Secret of the Soul”, and “Adventures in the Afterlife”.


Simcha Raphael, Ph.D  

Photo: Rabbi, author / speaker, Simcha Raphael, Phd, and yoga instructor, Michelle Assoian with myself at dinner, at the Afterlife Conference in Norfolk, Virginia.

Rabbi Raphael is a rabbinic pastor, transpersonal psychotherapist and founder of the DA'AT INSTITUTE, which offers death awareness, advocacy and training from the perspective of Jewish mysticism. He spoke about Jewish views of the afterlife and was a guest speaker on the panel "Heaven: A History".


Michelle Assoian

Photo: The Afterlife Conference with my new friend from Asheville NC, Yoga Instructor, Michelle Assoian. She lost her son, Alex, due to a tragic accident 4 years ago. She is the Director for Alex Assoian Music Project, Inc.

To find out more or to donate, go to:

This was a sweet couple, Alan and Clemencia Anapolsky, I meet from California that was attending the 2015 Afterlife Conference. The gentleman looked a lot like my father, Raymond LeGrand Caulder, who passed one year ago, June. Spirit will put people around you who have the same names like theirs, or look like them. Spirit people will try to do anything to communicate with you, or to get you to remember them. This man and dad looked so much alike in person that they could have been brothers in life. It really touched me to see him up close. 
Here is a view from my room on the 8th floor at the Sheraton Waterfront in Norfolk Virginia where the conference was held. On my way to Norfolk from Charlotte, NC, I had two hawks follow me from I-85 in Charlotte to the front entrance of the Sheraton in Norfolk. 29x the hawks would swoop toward my car. I believe those hawks were my grandmother and granddaddy Belk (in spirit) who I love dearly; making sure my journey was safe. On the way home, hawks followed me from Suffolk, Virginia (an hour outside Norfolk) to an hour outside Charlotte, NC. I saw them swoop over my car during my drive home about 10x's. This time there were 5 total hawks with them which I believe to be family that has crossed over showing their support through spirit. Many beautiful and supernatural things happened during this trip. Again, I had more mysterious angel-like wings (like in NY from 4 weeks ago) show up on my camera, leaving me stumped how that happened. Spirit family, God and His Angels want to give us signs of their love and support. We just need to pay attention and receive.
July 28-31, 2016 -- The International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS) Annual Conference – Orlando, Florida 
Tamara Caulder Richardson was a keynote NDE speaker and volunteer in the healing lounge and bookstore this year!
Suzane Northrop, medium and author.
Here is author, Linju Sanrhosh, with me and her aunt in the IANDS bookstore at the Embassy Suites, Orlando, Florida, promoting her first book; "A Heavenly Sparkle".

This brave young lady, Linju, flew from India (Kelaham, Kannar District, Kerala) to put out her research book on NDE's in the US (supported by IANDS) since it was not supported to be published in her own country. She is so kind and pleasant, I did not know at the time, Linju was terrified to be in the US for the first time, and she had to speak at IANDS. Before long, I had both Linju and her aunt laughing so hard that her fears melted away! What a tough lady! I have so much respect for her.

So proud of author, Linju Santhosh, signing her first bought copy of her book, "A Heavenly Sparkle, to me!
Here is the 2016 International Association For Near-Death Studies (www.IANDS.org) 2016 conference directory cover, and my quarter page (see the left side at the bottom). I also was listed as a speaker. I talked about my six near death experiences with radio host, Robert Scott Bell. I was also a poster speaker where I had prepared a 35 page PowerPoint Presentation for caregivers to understand, "How to Assist the Dying Transition from this World to the Next, Through the Eyes of a Medium", offering spiritual techniques including sound, color, touch and visualization exercises. 

Wonderful group of speakers and attendees. It was a real "love fest" at the IANDS conference!

Here's syndicated radio host, Robert Scott Bell and myself. He gave me a signed copy of his book, "Unlock the Power to Heal". Great book on how to heal yourself naturally with supplements which Robert did for his own self. Robert is so smart and knowledgeable about vitamins, supplements and even our Constitution. He really is a true Patriot! Check out his show here: 

It was a great experience being on stage with Robert. We both told of our near death experiences, and about what heaven is like... which is beautiful and all love.
Here is Robert Scott Bell and guests; Marlene Siegal of Pasco Veterinary and myself, Southern Belle Medium. We both aired a couple live radio show segments with Robert at the IANDS 2016 conference. Marlene is caring and talented lady!
Terry, an IANDS attendee, and I talking over breakfast. I pray she gets her condo by the water! The water is so therapeutic!
Here I am with Anita Moorjani, author of: "Dying to Be Me". She was also one of the speakers! Meet Anita last year at the Afterlife Conference in Norfolk, Virginia. Lovely lady with a powerful story about "self love"!
Here I am with my new buddy, Deborah Suzan (far left), and two other new friends, Dr. Maria Alvarez-Luis a medium and accupuncturist, and David Young who was the musical talent. He plays two flutes at the same time. He also 
channels Jesus and George Harrison (like me). He also channels John Lennon, which David has books/CD's about.
I meet Cheryl Layfield (right), in the healing lounge as a medium reader. She had bought a reading from me through IANDS. She had such a beautiful reading, even Jesus showed up to give her a message! She loved her reading so much that she brought in her momma (beside her) the next day and she also got a reading from me, and Jesus. I want to adopt them both! Love these amazing women! Cheryl is a Hospice nurse. God bless the caregivers! 
I meet this sweet, spunky senior lady at my speech on the LIVE The Robert Scott Bell Show talk on our NDE's at the IANDS conference. She was from The Village Retirement in Florida visiting us at the conference. She was giving out "FREE HUG" coupons. How precious! And...OMG! Does she looks like me 30 years from now?! ha! Standing with us is, John Sinek (JP), from California who is a spiritual seeker. This was his first IANDS conference and he was delighted to be there!
Here's Yuonne Sneed, the IANDS Durham Director and myself. She has had 3 NDE's and saw Jesus like I did with my 6 NDE's! She also came back from heaven with spiritual gifts to heal. We are soul sisters and "#1 Jesus fans" for sure! She is going to assist me setting up a Charlotte IANDS Chapter! 
Here I am with author/speaker, Angie Fenimore. She spoke about her book, "Beyond the Darkness", where she spoke of her NDE suicide and how she went to purgatory (hell), and Jesus came down and saved her. Very scary to listen to her story! However, there is a message there, CHOOSE GOD, CHOOSE LIFE!
Here is my sweet newbie medium friend, Ana, which Jesus called her "Little Tiger" at the conference. She is only 22 yrs old, has died 3x and argued with God to stay and help people. She had many questions about mediumship and I was happy to help such a lovely lady with a pure heart!
This is crazy... I am in the Embassy Suites breakfast bar area getting food and I see my  sister in law, Jana, and brother in law, Robbie, from Clover, South Carolina sitting there eating their breakfast! How is that possible to see Carolina family in all the hotels in Orlando Florida, in mine where the IANDS conference was?! 
Here's  my cutie-pie, cousin, Markus. He was in Orlando for a sporting event he was participating in. 
I arrived at the small Sanford, Florida airport to wait for my flight. While waiting to get on my same plane was my husband and our friends, Derek Pino and Jordon Pino, his son. They just got back from a father and son vacation in Florida. It was great seeing them!

Then I also ran into my hairdresser on the same flight! Small world!
After a long week of 21 hours of volunteering at the 2016 International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) as a speaker, a medium spiritual healer and helping authors at the bookstore, then to end it with an emergency trip to the Orlando Urgent Care the last day due 
to a severe sinus infection - it was a challenging week! However, I met some amazing friends and fascinating people at the IANDS Conference. I cannot say enough about the quality of this organization. It was an honor to be asked to be a speaker and participate in this annual event. I deeply love and respect my new NDE'rs, IANDS and caregiver friends! 

Thank you IANDS for being so supportive of me coming publicly coming out about my six NDE's and kindly asking me to speak and participate in so many areas!

And, a special thank you to, Deborah SuZan, who was my "angel mama" and took time away from the conference to take me to the Orlando Urgent Care to get me two shots of antibotics and steroids. I love you Deb! XO

Here I am finally back home with my sweet supportive husband, Clay Richardson, and my Shih tzu pup, Abbey! Glad to be back home "Carolina's"!

International Evidential Psychic Medium/Author - Tony Stockwell and myself. He is a very caring, kind, and comprehensive tutor!