Delivering God's Divine Messages  
Love is the Answer.

Tamara Caulder Richardson, 
Evidential Psychic Medium/ 6x NDE'r/ Author/Speaker/Spiritual Teacher
"Giving Evidence of Heaven on Earth" 
Life is beautiful but when you lose a loved one, it can change everything and rock your whole world. Take heart that your loved ones are still with you in spirit admiring us from heaven and concerned about our welfare. They are at peace now with God. However, we are still here on this physical plane left to handle some of life’s hardships and difficulties. Our loved ones understand this and love us even more now since they are in a place of unconditional love. 

As an evidential medium I was born with this God-given gift to sense your loved ones around you and communicate with them in a conversation just like they were in the room, and they are. I get evidential information that only you and your crossed-over loved one would know. Whether it be a piece of jewelry described, a family Bible with a special religious bookmark in it, a reference to a high school prom photo where your grandmother helped dress you, or they may point you to a memory from your childhood that you and them only know about… however the evidence comes through, your loved ones that have crossed over know exactly what to say to you so you know it is them!

 Your loved ones still maintained their personality, memories and that special emotional connection with you from heaven. My job as an evidential psychic medium is to “paint their personality” back to life so you can undeniably know who it is coming through, get unshakable evidence that their soul is alive and well, why they are here with you today and what personal message of love they have just for you. 

Please know you have a “support team” in heaven of loved ones past, friends and family, and even pets! Your loved ones want to get you a personal message. Think about it… how rare it is for them to speak through someone that has this gift? To relay their messages of love, hope and support. 

That loved bond is NEVER broken. So when you miss someone that has crossed over, think of the love you still have for them and that love pulls them close to you. They are just a thought away! 

"We All Have a Fan Club in Heaven!" 

Lisa Williams Certified Advanced Psychic Medium
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